Tricia Seil

Heathly Accounting, LLC.

Day by day I watch businesses struggle from an unexpected turn of events. Maybe the market has changed quickly or maybe your largest customer has changed from doing business with you. Whatever it is, like life, every business will go through a hard time. What if there were things that you could do to help prepare you for these events? Healthy Accounting is here to work with small businesses to understand what a healthy business looks like and how to build one.
Healthy Accounting takes the steps with you by focusing on four foundational aspects: bookkeeping, internal financial statements, figure out cash flow requirements and budgeting. We can work with you on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. We specialize in working with companies that aren’t to a point of needing a full time accountant but want to know their business financially so you can make smart decisions. A healthy business helps you make healthy decisions.